You can make Endo Happy by feeding your body right! 

Do you want to experience normal hormones? A manageable period and no more bloating? Do you want to discover how to truly nourish your body with food? 

Far too many women who explore the natural approach for Endometriosis are following the Endo Diet and focusing solely on restricting a whole bunch of foods. It makes us feel deprived, stressed and even more angry about having this condition and the last word we want to hear is “can’t!” Yet time and time again I see women go through the torment of trying to cut out a whole bunch of foods to get their bodies to reduce the symptoms associated with Endometriosis.

Well, I am here to tell you, that stuff is too hard!

I tried it for years and in the end, I realized that the whole approach of “diet” and “shouldn’t” and … “Oh but just a little” was all too stressful and restrictive for my outgoing, free-spirited nature.

I needed something tasty, easy & without restrictions!

 I couldn't find anything... so I created one for us!

The Eat Endo Happy recipe book is not like anything out there!

It focuses on how to really nourish our bodies. I was tired of just cutting out a bunch of foods and not knowing what to eat instead! So, the Eat Endo Happy recipe book will introduce you to foods that truly nourish your body and give you 101 Recipes to try, so you are inspired to eat healthy, rather than choosing other options because they are simply easier. 

The other key thing I noticed with other recipe books was that they were quite bland and uninspired. I felt bored just reading the recipes! 

Luckily, I am married to a chef, who gave my recipe ideas some sprucing up! Every recipe has been tested by James, my husband, for its tasty and delicious factor. This will not only help you to enjoy your meals but make it super easy to serve them to your family too! 

Level out those hormones!

Our food choices can dramatically change our hormone balance. When we truly nourish our bodies, our hormones simply function better! Good fats, loads of folate and vitamin B will make for happy, balanced hormones! The recipes already contain all the bits you need to achieve all the right macro- and micronutrients.

Get your digestion back on track!

When we eat badly, it instantly affects our digestion and internal gut health. The challenge has always been to find alternatives that truly nourish your digestive health. This becomes super easy when you can choose from meals which truly support gut health. Within the Eat Endo Happy recipe book, you will get all the best ideas to support your digestion! 

Get a handle on pain!

Eating the wrong kinds of foods will naturally trigger more inflammation and a lowered immune function. Eating the Eat Endo Happy way will encourage your body to naturally feel less bloated, aid your immune function and finally feel truly filled with nourishment! Happy Endo anyone? 

Get glowing skin and lose weight!

Ooops! This wasn't your intention with wanting to manage Endometriosis but it is simply natural that when we put good stuff in, we will glow and have a naturally slimmer body! BONUS! It's amazing what can happen when we truly nourish rather than simply fill up the body!

Are you ready to transform yourself in the next 3 months? 

It is your time to...

  • Finally get a handle on Endometriosis and truly support your body with the right foods that nourish and provide for you;
  • Experience natural energy without relying on coffee and stimulants that just leave you feeling more anxious and irritable;
  • Let go of irritability, moodiness and that overall grumpy feeling from all those fluctuating hormones;
  • Wear normal pants again! (No more swollen and bloated tummy);
  • Boost your immunity naturally from your food and avoid those nasty colds and that general feeling of being unwell;
  • Get yourself on the right track to finally losing those extra kilos and feel lighter and happier within your body; and
  • Feel nourished, clean and beautiful from the inside out! 

These are the foods that transformed my Endometriosis! 

I went from daily pain to 90% pain free from changing what I eat!

101 Recipes to choose from

The Eat Endo Happy recipe book includes:

  • 13 breakfast recipe ideas
  • 12 liquid healing recipe ideas (teas, smoothies, hot chocolate etc.)
  • 14 salad recipe ideas
  • 26 full meal recipe ideas
  • 12 dessert recipe ideas

PLUS! Bonus Accompaniments!

Including my cilantro pesto, dairy-free cheese and the amazing gluten-free bread! 

The Eat Endo Happy recipe book is PERFECT for you if...

  • You've tried to follow the Endo Diet and it all just seems too hard and complicated.
  • You have been worried that you aren't getting what your body needs because you're constantly cutting out more and more food groups to try and feel better. The Eat Endo Happy recipe book ensures you have what you need and truly nourishes your body.
  • You want to finally feel some sense of empowerment over Endometriosis and take back control rather than always being at the mercy of it. 
  • You stress about foods and what to eat as you never quite know if what you are doing is right or enough. 
  • You want a recipe book that has all the foods and drinks in one place to truly feel well. 
  • Your moods are constantly fluctuating and you feel totally drained of energy. 
  • You want something that is tasty and delicious that you will enjoy eating rather than dreading it just because you are trying to deal with Endometriosis pain. 

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Your fellow Endo sisters share their experiences...

"When I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in January 2013, my heart sank. As a woman I was taught my pain was normal. I set off to learn how to control the pain. I first stumbled upon this idea of inflammation and Endometriosis when I found Melissa's blog. Per her advice I have already given up gluten. The change between eating my past diet and gluten free was night and day. I admit that prior to looking into the Endo diet I expected I'd be forced to give up a number of my favorite foods. I thought I'd have to turn into a herbivore. Eat Endo Happy includes vivid pictures of what I thought I could never touch again! Chicken, fish and cocoa are my staples! This book even contains desserts. Will definitely be using this book for reference."

“Wow, this cookbook is FULL of recipes for every meal or snack!! What I love about it is there are recipes for all diets, including dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, etc. Whatever diet you're on, there will be recipes in there for you. I love that because sometimes I avoid certain ingredients (like potatoes or nuts), while other times I feel I can eat them. I was so surprised at the amount of recipes in this book! There are tons of them to try and they all have wonderful healthy ingredients for women who are eating a low inflammatory diet to ease their pain. My favorites are the cordial drink, the "cheese", the flower salad, and the cinnamon treat. I can't wait to work my way through this book and try every single recipe!”

“Melissa's Eat Endo recipe book is now my way of life. After trying many other Endo treatments with short, little or no relief, I couldn't be happier or more grateful for the support of Melissa through her amazing proven products & personal support. This book really does help you 'enjoy' the healing journey.”

Get 2 Recipe Books for only $27 TODAY!

SUPER BONUS! By purchasing today, you also get access to the Empowered Endometriosis Sisters Support Group on Facebook! Join us and share your journey.

** Existing Endo Empowered Members.**

Make sure you use the same email address when you order.

Let me guide you with some common questions...

I live on the other side of the world from you and am concerned about different measurements. I hate having to calculate different recipes every time!

I have considered this as I also found it really annoying to have to do. In most cases I use things like cups and tablespoons but if there are measurements which are more complex, I use both variations to make it easy. 

Can I read this on my iPhone, iPad or eBook Reader?

Yes, simply send a copy of the book to your iPhone or iPad email account and it will open within your preview screen. You can simply drag the PDF file into your eBook Reader and it will open in there for you. 

Will you be posting me the recipe book?

No, this is a PDF downloadable eBook. You will be able to read it on your computer, iPad, iPhone or send it to a Kindle or eBook Reader. I will send you instructions on how to view it once you have purchased it. This saves our trees and makes it instant too. 

Are the ingredients hard to find? I live in... where do I find them?

In most countries you will be able to find these ingredients, but if not, I recommend using iHerb to purchase ingredients. 

I am following a specific dietary plan at the moment. Will this work for me?

I hope so! I created a huge range of recipes and have considered some of the top recommended diets out there. The focus of the book is to make your way of eating anti-inflammatory, immune healing and hormone balancing. I also consider your digestive health in the process. 

Some snapshots from Facebook....

Get 2 Recipe Books for only $27 TODAY!

SUPER BONUS! By purchasing today, you also get access to the Empowered Endometriosis Sisters Support Group on Facebook! Join us and share your journey.

** Existing Endo Empowered Members.**

Make sure you use the same email address when you order.

I want you to LOVE the Eat Endo Happy recipe book as much as I loved creating it for you. If you don't, then as a fellow Endo sister, I will honor a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Simply email me and I will refund you straight away.